The Education Scientist

Swan Mai is co-founder of Swan Education Co. and serves as the company's Education Scientist.

A former head teacher in the Preschool program at Kingsley Montessori School in Boston, Massachusetts, Swan Mai has earned deep affection and respect from students, parents, colleagues, and school administrators alike. Swan's extensive hands-on experience with the Montessori method, together with her innovative educational neuroscience techniques, strong advocacy for children, flexible approach, and relentless efforts to do what is best for children, are instrumental in helping her students flourish. Swan's students are happy, kind, intelligent, and incredibly creative.

Swan attained the American Montessori Society (AMS) Early Childhood Certification from Northeast Montessori Institute in Beverly, Massachusetts in 2004. In 2005, Swan received a Masters of Education degree focusing on Montessori education from Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts. Swan also holds a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Economics from St. Edward University in Austin, Texas. In 2012, Swan has participated in Connecting the Mind, Brain, and Education professional education development program by the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Certifications, affiliations, workshops

  • Montessori Early Childhood Certification
  • MA Department of Early Education and Care certification for the following positions:
    • Lead Teacher
    • Director I
    • Director II
  • Member of American Montessori Association
  • Member of Learning and the Brain Society; annual Boston Conference participant
  • Member of International Mind, Brain, and Education Society
  • Connecting the Mind, Brain, and Education - Programs in Professional Education, Harvard University Graduate School of Education, 2012
  • Learning & the Brain Society Chat with Donna Coch, Dartmouth College Department of Education. Ed.D. Harvard University, 2011
  • Long-term Memory Strategies; webinar by Judy Willis M.D., M.Ed. through ASCD Edge: A Professional Networking Community for Educators, 2011
  • Attended Reading Horizons Webinar Speaker Series: "The Power of Explicit Instruction" by Shantell Berrett, Dyslexia Specialist, 2011
  • Attended "Executive Function Skills" workshop by Sarah Ward, M.S., CCC/SLP, Speech and Language Pathologist, hosted by Cognitive Connections, 2010
  • Attended "Conference for Educators in Early Identification and Intervention of Learning Disorders: Dyslexia and ADHD", 2007
  • Attended Pragmatic Language workshop by Landmark School Outreach Program, 2007
  • Regularly reads academic books and neuro-education published articles