Welcome to Swan Education Co.!

Swan Education Co. develops early childhood education program that facilitates the child's ability to think and to empathize.   We also provide individual and small, multi-age group (3 through 6 years old) tutoring, classroom assessment and strategies, and home-school enrichment.

We use...

  • The Montessori method approach to early childhood education

  • Educational neuroscience and validation to sustain innovation in pedagogy

  • A collaborative framework for solving educational problems and providing support

Do you need...?

  • Exceptional education values for your child care operation?

  • Supportive assistance and new challenges for your child, children, or students?

  • Practical, time-efficient strategies for working with a child or classroom?

Let Swan Education helps you enhance your child's or students' critical thinking skills while, at the same time, fostering positive social and emotional growth.

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Find out how we solve learning problems, enhance awareness, and add measurable value to early childhood education.

* Photo of Swan Mai, M.Ed. in Dr. Maria Montessori's home library in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.